Monday, November 2, 2009

A Pioneer, A Race Car Driver, and Two Penguins

Sometimes after I download the pictures from a special event and I find that I didn't even come close to getting all the shots I wanted. Take this Halloween for instance: three obvious photo ops are conspicuously missing: 1) a good full-body shot of Caroline's costume, 2) the two penguins in a special shot of their own, and 3) Lauren with her doll Sarah, after which we patterned the entire costume. I had two opportunities to get these taken, and I failed both times. Notwithstanding my photographic amnesia, I still have several photos to show you.

The School Parade

Liffy as a macaroni penguin. We saw them at Sea World this summer. She loved the funny feathers on their heads. We think they're great. She even flapped her wings as they paraded around the blacktop. It's always fun when Liffy lets her silly side come out.

Lauren dressed up like her pioneer doll, Sarah. Sarah went everywhere with us on our vacation in San Diego. Do you think she like the macaroni penguins, too?

This little guy was the hit of the year. He was so cute as a tiny little penguin. When he runs it makes the tail flap. He ran A LOT when we were trick-or-treating.

Caroline was Daisy from Mario Kart. Her dress was a devil to make, and I can't believe I didn't get a full shot of it. The tiers turned out beautiful, I'm glad I got that far--the sleeves and zipper almost made me swear. Fortunately, it's just a costume, and it turned out pretty lovely after all that. This picture is pretty sweet, though, don't you think?

James was happy to hold hands with anyone who could lead him to candy. He really liked Grandpa Don and Uncle Joel, though. Thanks for coming down, Joel!

Caroline with her haul. She made a lovely little Daisy.

I made all the costumes this year; thanks Mom, for coming to stay the whole week so I could get these done. I'm pretty sure I won't be doing it again, but it was really fun to do this year. I have never made an animal costume or a princess dress, so I really stretched my skills. Lauren's costume was the easiest, but my new sewing machine did allow me to add a small surprise: at the bottom of the apron I monogrammed the name SARAH! Lauren loved that little detail.

Thanks kids, for making Halloween fun for this ol' mamma of yours (and for sharing the candy).


  1. Wow! Kate the kids are adorable and I wish I could have been there! The costumes are outstanding! Well done Sis!

  2. Nice work on the costumes! All the kids look amazing. What a mom you are!