Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fun with Picnik

I enjoy playing around with easy photo editing tools (uh, NOT photoshop) and find to be the simplest, even if somewhat incomplete.  Look how cute that picture turned out to be with all kinds of fun things done to it!  The funky shadows look intentional, when really mommy was too tired to get up and pull down the blind for the sake of the picture.  That's why I'll never be a photographer instead of just designated picture taker of much admired subjects.  Just. too. tired.  (I also like that it sort of hides the peeling paint on the kitchen wall.  Unacceptable really, since I don't live in a centuries-old Italian villa.)


  1. Cool, Katie. Picnik, huh? I wish I new how to do that. Maybe you can teach me sometime. Darling little boy. Mom

  2. What a great picture. i will have to give it a try!