Friday, October 15, 2010

A Small and Simple Thing

James Built a Temple

James tells me that this is a temple.  We've taken the children to visit the Los Angeles Temple twice since Michael was born. In August, just before Liffy was baptized, Lauren gave a us special tour of the temple grounds based on the tour she led for the primary back in June.  What a great experience that was for her.  I'm so grateful for inspired Primary leaders who had the older Primary children lead the younger children on the tours.  She learned so much about the temple from it, but the most important lesson she learned is that testimonies are strengthened when they are borne.  We enjoyed spending that afternoon at the temple with our family.  

Our Family (I promise we're all there)
On Steve's birthday we took a special trip to the newly re-opened Visitor's Center at the Los Angeles temple.  What a lovely place to spend an afternoon.  The Church has created a marvelous center for learning more about the Gospel and its purpose.  There were so many things to see and do, we're going to need to take a second trip!  

These early experiences with the temple clearly have an effect, since James now builds temples out of blocks.  I hope the time spent learning about the temple will carry my children through more treacherous stages of their life.

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