Friday, January 14, 2011

Mikey-Mikey Sitting Up

I LOVE THIS BABY! (it's a good thing he's cute, though)

Caroline says his eyes look like M & M's.  Funny Mikey.


  1. can i just eat him up?! he is yummy and i love his eyes!

    i had to laugh out loud when i read your response, kaite! i really wanted to name him lorenzo and call him enzo. no joke at all. i still have "enzo" ringing in my ears from italy. it just flows off the tongue. but it's a little much for those that haven't lived in and loved italy. (like my husband and kids!!) to the defense of the name, i love that lorenzo snow dedicated italy, opened it to the gospel, and prophesied that there would be a temple there. i had agreed to have lorenzo be his middle name!!

    your family is so cute! it's great to catch up on you guys. (it seems i have been doing a LOT of catch up lately! ugh.)


  2. Man alive! He's adorable!! LOVE those eyes!