Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ain't She Great?

Lauren wrote a persuasive essay for school.  For your reading enjoyment, I present to you:

Why You Should Have Children
 By:  Lauren Haskins
Can you wait until Mother’s and Father’s day? Children take this kind of thing seriously. You may think children are hard.  Children can be at times, but mostly they're sweet and loving.  Here is a small introduction on what we'll be talking about today-first, I explain how being a parent helps you become a responsible person. Next, I explain how children are "a blast to the past."  Lastly, I want to discuss other people’s opinion about children.  I believe children can be exciting and fun.
                Having children helps you become a responsible person.  Children need to be taken care of. First, it's part of life to get sick.  Children need extra help when they are sick. Children also need to be cleaned up after. Kids do make messes, and they can be stubborn and not pick up. Last, children need to be fed. This makes you responsible for this one reason—children can be very picky. This makes it your job to satisfy their every needs.
                Having children also provides you with "a blast to the past." Children can be a window showing you your childhood.  You're able to play games such as tag, baseball, and childish board games. Children love cartoons—they'll expect you to watch. You may not always want to, but you will find they are funnier than they seem.  Lastly, you read books to your children. My mother reads children’s books to make sure they are appropriate for me to read.
                Some people believe that children have downsides. They think children make a lot of messes. Children also get sick a lot and their stomachs are weaker than grownups. Children also need constant attention and can also ask for things in a negative way.  All of these reasons are why being a parent is so satisfying.  Children need a lot of love and care and they need good people to give children that care. Even that seems hard sometimes, but I think parenting brings a lot of happiness and love.
Children start new lives and many new opportunities. I believe children are fun and exciting! I believe there are various reasons you should consider having children. I have described the joy of having children to the best of my ability. Remember, children keep this world alive. Happy Mother's and Father's day!


  1. What a cute essay!! I love her "children keep this world alive" statement. Also the part about a parent's job is satisfying kids' every need. Classic.

  2. Way to go Lauren! Excellent essay!

  3. this is such a cute essay! and good for you for reading the children's books before she does to make sure they are appropriate.

    i love the kite picture & the easter pics too! you have a beautiful family.

    take care.