Monday, April 9, 2012

Puppy's Birthday Party Was a MONSTER Hit!

We had a few of Puppy's little friends over in the morning for a monster-themed party.  The older girls proved that they really know how to throw a party.  We spent a month brainstorming ideas, and then Lauren and Liffy went to work.  They had a bean bag toss, and pin the eyeball on the monster, we made monster masks and feet and then hunted down a homemade monster pinata.  Caroline enjoyed having one of her friends accompany her little brothers to the party.  Puppy was so sweet when he opened his gifts.  He would look right at the giver, then reach out and touch their hand as he said his thank yous.  We ended with pizza and monster cupcakes, of course!  The goody bags were monster crayon totes that I stitched up in a threadstorm the week before the party.  It was fun to sew again, but I can see why I haven't sewn since I started homeschooling! 

Later we went to the park where Puppy got a bicycle!  I thought for sure the bike would be a waste, but he wanted it so bad we bought him one anyway.  Turns out he's really good at it!  It has training wheels, of course, but he figured out how to pedal and turn really quickly.  He rides almost every day.  He wears his helmet--and a life jacket--every time he rides!  Michael enjoyed riding the baby seat on Grandma's, now Lauren's, bike.  I even rode a little, and I haven't ridden a bike in years.  Our tradition is to fly a kite at the park for Pup's birthday, since that is what the girls were doing with Grandpa when they heard the news about a little brother. 

Puppy's birthday was a wonderful day.  You just couldn't have asked for a nicer day.  We love that four-year-old boy of ours!  Just don't call him James.

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