Friday, January 23, 2009

God Knows Everything

Sweet cat, sweet kid, right? So why have I wanted to send Ned back to the frozen north (a.k.a. Camp Bullfrog)? Let me put it this way: Two weeks ago I found myself poring over the different rake options at Lowe's. I finally decided that the garden variety rake with strong, solid tines was my best option for raking cat POOP out of the decomposed granite path and the GRASS. I have garden beds, I have sand piles, I have paths, I have another sand pile, I have grow boxes--so why was the cat POOPING on the lawn?!!!

Every day found me outside scouring our vast lawn for POOP. Have you seen the baby? I have enough POOP to deal with, thank you very much. Remember when I was buying Immodium last year for the other cat? No thanks. I was feeling very done with excrement. Nobody had any ideas for me (that means Mom and Steve) and I was ready to pitch a real fit. Here we were with weeks, endless weeks, of 82 degree weather, and I couldn't send the kids outside to play unless I went first and raked up the POOP. (Did I mention one of the cats sometimes needs Immodium? Fun.)

Then I remembered: "Cry unto him when ye are in your [backyard], yea, over all your [pets]." Alma 34:20. I prayed mightily to God. I told him that I knew he could inspire the cats to poop (yes, I used that word) in far more appropriate places as per the list above. I told him that I love the darn animals, and so do the kids, so please, please, please I didn't want to have to give them away.

Today, three days later, I went outside. He truly is a God of miracles.


  1. This is hilarious, Katie. You are VERY FUNNY!! And Ned is soooo cute, not to mention that little boy.

  2. that last comment was made by mom, apparently i was still logged on at her house when she wrote that. just wanted to give her credit for the comment. i will have to completely agree with it all, very hilarious and i hope ned gets to stay. i can just imagine your prayer, that is very funny.