Monday, January 12, 2009

Playing Library-January 12

by Liffy

Me and my tow sisters Like to play Library in our Library/dining room. I like to be the libraryin. Whene we play Library in Library/dining room we make the rules like asaktly like a reel Library. We keep all kins of books in the Library/dining room. Like moms and dads books also history books to like Abraham Linkin and Ronold Ragin book of history and Lots of other kind of books in the Library/dining room. Like in a real Library in our prutend.


  1. I transcribed this from a notebook I found last night.

  2. i love the library/dining room bit. that is so cute how she wrote it that way every time! what a fun thing to find.

  3. I love this, too. I love the library/dining room, too, Carolyn. Doesn't that sound fun to play library. I was telling mom, and she said she used to play library, too. Little girls don't change, do they?

  4. i remember playing too, pretending to stamp little notecards and slipping them into books. too much fun.